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One Party States

China and America: Not Much Difference In a Lot of Ways
The city of Hong Kong, China has been going through major disruptions and protests in the last few days as many residents don't want the central government to vet and nominate their candidates for political office in that city, which a little like Quebec, Canada, have their own set of special rules that makes the city different than the rest of China.  Ever since 1997, when British colonial rule ended, Hong Kong has had some political autonomy, but now is on edge since that special autonomy may end as well.  In other words, Hong Kong may become politically a lot like America, now, but unlike Hong Kong, we in America are conditioned to political authoritarianism.  In America, after all, parties other than the Democratic-Republican Party can't get on the ballot or can barely get on in many instances due to a varying patchwork of unconstitutional laws that makes it considerably harder for ballot access for most partisan poli…