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Mark Drops Bid for U.S. Senate

Still very much a candidate for King County Sheriff, Mark Greene has decided to drop any notion of running for the U.S. Senate in 2010. This announcement probably spells the end of Mark ever running for Congress, whether House or Senate, again. Ever since he was a grade schooler in 1964 and received a commendation that year from the White House for a written speech, Mark Greene seemed a natural to one day enter Congress. He first tried in 1986 and kept trying 4 more times, including the last attempt for which he didn't decide to switch off for a different office, a disqualification from the Senate ballot in 2006, over a petition, which sparked a court battle in Olympia, Washington.

Mark has followed politics from a very young age, listening to speeches by President Dwight Eisenhower while he was in kindergarten and grade school, and intently watching the Nixon-Kennedy debates in 1960. Mark was reading Newsweek while his peers were keeping up with "Archie and Veronica." M…

One Month

The Green Parade did not go well. "Commoners" and our supporters probably received the notice too late to come out in the numbers that we hoped for. Nonetheless, Chairman Mark Greene was at the 3-hour rally in downtown Seattle collecting signatures for his election candidacy petition and explaining his positions to questioners.

There is a little more than a month to the election and the court case has become paramount as Mark trys to get a finding that the Washington "Declaration - Fees and Petitions" election statute that is at the center of the case and the election is unconstitutional. Mark lost a motion for expedited proceedings last week on technical grounds, but he will try again. If the case is expedited and the Court rules in Mark's favor, the corporate mainstream news media will have to talk about it or look unprofessional if they don't. Publicity is the lifeline of a write-in candidacy.

There is basically one month left before the election. One si…