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"Commons" Starts New Blog

The Party of Commons has started a new blog. This blog will help us to maintain our rights by keeping a documented record of certain inconsistencies that can be referred to, if necessary, for reporting illegal acts against our party to the authorities.

Update - 5/18/09:
"Commons" makes new post on new blog on May 18, 2009. (can also see by clicking on the title link, above)

[revised on 5/18/09]

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Blog News IV

Due to a "Commons'" petition drive that will last until the first week of June, the blogging will be very light on this and all of our other blogs [Evergreen, Senator, Coliseum and Sugarfoot]. We should be back to normal around the second week of June as our chairman, Mark Greene, makes his run for King County Council in District 9. At that time, we will have plenty of news about the coming election. As it stands right now, it looks like Mark will be the only challenger to Reagan Dunn, so there will probably be no primary for that position in August, in which case the election will be between Mark and Dunn in November.

We will post additional news in "Coliseum," maybe before June, about Mark's Initiative to the Legislature on election petitions when the ballot title and number comes out. This will be a tough one as far as getting the required signatures is concerned, but we expect that it can be done with a grassroots effort that will be started by the …