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A Tale of Close Mindedness

I don't particularly care for FOX cable news, but I do watch them every now and then if for no other reason than to keep an open mind.  Every so often I will find something illuminating on that station that I might otherwise not have thought about.  Now that they have ex-congressman Dennis Kucinich as a commentator; presumably, as a counter to their usual commentary and analysis, I will probably watch it a little more than I usually do.  If only open-mindedness was a little more common, generally, because yesterday as I tried to get three women, who were together, to sign my Congressional petition to get on the ballot, they seemed initially interested, but the moment that I mentioned that I was running against "Blue Dog" Democrat, Adam Smith, whom they probably knew little about since he was only recently redistricted into the Bellevue area, they suddenly departed from me. 

I'm guessing the operative word for their sudden departure was "Democrat," but may…

Wrecking the Post Office for FedEx, Et Al.

Privatization Gone Amuck
We can't even blame the Tea Party fanatics for this one -- not entirely anyway, that is the soon-to-be end of Saturday mail as a result of the U.S. Postal Service's on-going financial problems, which has everything to do with the lame duck 109th Congress, which Denny Hastert's Republican Party controlled, putting a poison pill in some bill (Hastert was the Speaker of the House then).  That poison pill happened to be making the Postal Service have 75 years worth of postal workers' pensions held in reserve in a ten year "window," which is utterly unorthodox and ridiculous as far as the usual management of government or private employee pension funds is concerned.  This can't be blamed on the Tea Party, because they weren't in their prime in 2006 when this bill was passed, apparently without any or much Democratic Party resistance (what else is new?).  This passed the 109th Congress, because the powers-that-be and the corporate b…

Non-Athleticism at the White House

Well, well, well.  Who knew?  The thin man, President Barack Obama, has a pot belly.  Who said fine-tailored suits were only good for formal occasions?  They're also good for hiding pot bellies on various occasions, especially when the paparazzi are always trying to take your photo.  Obama, who likes to brag about his work-outs and basketball playing, apparently spends too much time playing golf, reportedly something fairly new to him, and about as energetic as being the right fielder on a high school baseball team. Obama is as much a fraudster about his alleged athleticism as he is about his policies, deceit in which "Commoner" and our other blogs has shown continuously over the last several years.  The president should get back to basketball.

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