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Dean Logan's Protege

The continuing malfunctioning Potemkin Village called the King County Elections Office has been run by the director, Sherril Huff, ever since her shady and controversial mentor, Dean Logan, was run out of town in 2006 by Reagan Dunn & Co., a.k.a., the King County Council.  The best thing Reagan Dunn has done since he's been on the council.  Despite being propped up by the Seattle Times and the general Establishment in Seattle, Huff & the Elections Department failed to mail out ballots on time to thousands of voters in King County's Eastside at a critical moment when she, herself, was on the ballot in the 2011 General Election, probably disenfranchising scores of voters.  No one knows for sure if the million dollars worth of Diebold/Premier election machinery she bought from the most controversial manufacturer of election equipment in the United States, although now outsourced to Canada, is counting votes correctly, but we now know that it can't send out ballots in …