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Our Nation At a Crossroads: the Very Unwise "Global Citizen" Nonsense

With abject leadership in our nation nearing crisis proportions, including leaders and officials turning our nation into some kind of Globalist land mass, which among other things, would bring globalism as a principal that would override the national Constitution.  We need a citizen political revival that will tell the leadership "no," that this is not what the majority wants; what we want is a real nation, not the internationalist "global citizen" nonsense that our weak leaders are working everyday to reorder us as, as they line their pockets with foreign money.  The "Revived Citizens Party Senatorial Candidate Exploratory Committee" is close to making a 2016 senatorial campaign a reality.

[Originally posted 11/16/15 on the Revived Citizens Party blog.  Revised on 12/11/15.]

Senatorial Campaign Exploratory Committee
Today, I am starting a U.S. Senator exploratory campaign committee, which will be called the "Revived Citizens Party Senatorial Candida…