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New Petitioning Effort Regarding GMO Labeling

No sense in downplaying it, because the right to know about GMOs in retail-sold food is important, but secondary to what our labeling campaigns are really about, because what they're really about is letting the nation know that GMOs are a growing poisonous aspect of today's agricultural landscape, and what little scientific research has been done regarding GMOs has shown that they are a threat to the environment, a toxin to animals' bodies, and thus a menace to human bodies, not to mention to the entire natural world that depends on natural food for its survival.  Letting a handful of corporations dictate virtually the nation's entire food policy and twisting the natural order for their own monetary gain is repulsive, and hardly gains the attention that it deserves in the mainstream news media and in the halls of government.  Though, it gets amazingly little attention, this is no small matter, because a relative handful of people, who could care less about the ecology…

Of 2 Rightist Parties in D.C., Voters Go Hard Right

The most ironic comment of the post-election analysis came on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, today, when one of the commentators said (paraphrasing), "Well, the voters just think the wheels are falling off of the car," meaning the car as the country.  Yeah right, so just turn over the keys to the folks that almost drove it over the cliff in '08, and everything will be just fine.  When, however, for all intents and purposes, you only have two right wing, laissez faire parties to choose from, voters apparently decided that going hard right, i.e., with the Republican Party, made more sense than going for right wing lite, the Democratic Party. 

Such is the dilemma of politics in America where there is a void of immense proportions and no strong left-of-center party in sight since corporatist-oriented Democrats Bill Clinton, Dick Gephardt and Tony Coelho reshaped the party of F.D.R. 20 to 25 years ago, to the dismay of the nation that actually had two opposing pa…

Election Day's "Musical Chairs"

Few Excuses As Voters Get Ready to Merely Switch Factions in a Few Days

Not voting is worst than switching back and forth between the two major parties, or the two respective factions of America's single party, the Democratic-Republican Party, but there are other options on the ballot.  You see, most Americans have a third party or independent choice on the ballot.  In Washington state, that was through the already past "Top 2" primary, but voters simply decided, by and large, not to vote for a third option.   There's basically no excuse for continuing the cycle of endless "one-party" control and accomplishing pretty much nothing politically besides playing musical chairs every 2 or few years.  And you thought Mexico's PRI had a long run until about a decade ago, although reinstated in the presidency, again, fairly recently, but the U.S. Democratic-Republican rein could be centuries long if voters don't change their robotic habits. 

Many voters ine…