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Washington 9th District Republicans May Set Aside Party-line Vote in August 5th Primary

For practically decades, now, 9th Congressional District Republicans have been trying to deny Rep. Adam Smith reelection with the typical Republican politician, with one or two exceptions, from Hollywood Central Casting, and they came closest with Dick Muri in 2010, but still fell behind by several percentage points.  Now, that the currently shaped 9th District lined out half of all Republicans in the old 9th District, including Mr. Muri, a lot of Republicans have thrown up their hands in disgust since the 2011 redistricting deal was brokered and practically gave away the 9th to the Democratic Party, apparently in exchange for Rep. Dave Reichert (R) having a newly reshaped 8th District that is weighted a lot more to easy reelections for him than his used-to-be closely contested races. 

Some conservatives in the 9th District, however, like councilwomen Lisa Jensen (Newcastle) and Dini Duclos (Federal Way) are not necessarily persuaded that Adam Smith is unbeatable, and a…