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A Great Chance For a Political Upset

Although the circumstances for a special election for District 30 in Washington are far from ideal, the citizens of this district have a chance to forge a new politics in America in the aftermath of the passing of State Rep. Roger Freeman, by bringing in a new political party in the state capitol, thereby letting the usual Washington state power brokers know that the game is up, and the common folk are coming to recapture the capital.  No more of this 2-party duopoly gamesmanship that goes on daily in American national and state capitols from sea to shining sea.  Time is short to get ready for this special election, there are only 4 months between this writing and the candidates filing for this state office, and local offices around the state.  At this date, this is the only legislative office that is up for election in WA this year. 
The Seattle Political Machine and their corporate masters are hoping that they can sneak this one in with as little fanfare as possible, so that they …