Shaking Hands With the Colossus of the Bizarre

With the announcement of the appointment of the former Iowa governor, Tom Vilsack, as Secretary of Agriculture, Obama has signaled he is more than willing to shake hands with the major opponent of healthy food and rational science, the Monsanto Corporation. Vilsack has been a cheerleader for Monsanto, a company which relishes high profits at the expense of human health, and is a leader in the science of the bizarre. This corporation is the major promoter and producer of genetically engineered foods, which continue to be unlabled (that is apparently fine with the Pelosi-crat Congress) and, generally, this corporation is an example of the worst aspects of the biotechnology field. Genetically engineered food is highly bizarre and untested, and should not be confused with hybrid agriculture that does not change the molecular structure of seeds and plants.

Vilsack has also been a cheerleader for changing food into fuels, which has led to an increase in the price of food commodities and, generally, a very distasteful policy considering the number of humans in our nation and overall on the planet who do not have enough food to eat. Vilsack is probably in the pockets of the biotechnology firms that are making or helping to make unhealthy, untested genetically engineered food products, and driving agriculture across the planet into a downturn with bizarre genetic seeds.

Obama's "change" on both domestic and foreign fronts is beginning to look like something our nation should beware with each passing day.

Post-script: Please, speak out against Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture and sign the petition that does just that; see by clicking on the title link above.

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