Sam Reed Trying to Undo "Top 2"

So it was all a ruse. Washington Secretary of State, Sam Reed, pretended like he was a friend of minor parties by supporting the "Top 2" Primary in the primary and general election last year, but is now trying to shape his own peculiar version of elections and political parties, with the help of his friends in the Washington Legislature, instead of following the initiative rules which the people of Washington voted in. The present law brought forward by an initiative and approved by the U.S. Supreme Court put minor parties on a theoretical par with major parties in the election process, but now Reed is trying to undo everything with a series of unequal rules that would drive minor party candidates back to using petitions in order to get on the ballot.

This is not all, Reed is proposing increased minimum vote quotas whether or not a candidate comes in first or second place in the primary (and a quota requirement for precinct committee officers in a general election), trying to mandate his version of what a political party is, trying to make it so your vote doesn't count if you mail your ballot on election day, and so forth. Reed wants ballots to count only if they arrive to the election center on election day, but what if a ballot is delayed in the mail through no fault of the person mailing it? In effect, Reed's answer is "too bad." These are the actions of a typical anti-democratic autocrat and why Mark Greene should have been elected as Secretary of State in 2008 instead of the totalitarian in the office this day. We defended Reed to a certain degree last year when he was criticized by other minor parties, but now we have come to the conclusion that Reed is an absolute menace to minor parties. No wonder there are so many cynical people these days who care little for elections and politicians.

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