Still in the World Police & Empire Business

(This post was first revised, about 19:30, 3/1/09, Pacific Coast Time, to explain our opinion about Defense Secretary Gate's drone tactics in Afghanistan more thoroughly, and later revised again.)

It is amazing, if you go from Dick Cheney's rule, in practicality, to that of a slightly related "cousin," according to news and genealogy reports, who shows signs of being nonetheless Cheneyesque, everybody starts throwing out laurels, practically. Even though we would still rather not have Cheneyesque policies in government, the relief from Cheney & Bush leaving the scene puts quite a few folks in a moment of ectasy that is really not called for.

So Bush has left the scene, but Obama is still not planning on undoing much of Bush's imperialistic handiwork, other than signaling some public relations gimmicks, although it is not as if leaving Bush's Defense Secretary in place, during the transition, was not a glaring signal that not much was going to change in the "change" administration. Robert Gates is one of the most dangerous figures in America as far as keeping our freedoms under the Constitution in place is concerned. Under the Rumsfeld-Gates watch at Defense, the First Amendment right of dissent has been placed on warning through the Department of Defense's domestic surveillance programs and spies, called TALON, the Threat and Local Observation Notice Report Program. Recently, under Gates, a combat division for the express purpose of using on American soil was put in place since the bygone Hastert Congress, with the help of the Pelosians, dropped-kicked Posse Comitatus (after all, Rumsfeld & Gates needed to keep American dissenters and would-be revolutionaries under control). Under Gate's drone program, unmanned aircraft drops bombs on foreign soil, particularly in Afghanistan, which has killed countless numbers of little boys and girls, and other civilians, as this somewhat new cowardly type of tactic becomes more prominent under Bush's, and now Obama's, Secretary of Defense. Generally, the Party of Commons appreciates the bravery of our troops on the ground in Afghanistan, but not Gate's drone tactics which inevitably kills civilians.

Gates is also a proponent of a wider nuclear arms program, directly contradicting Obama's supposed wariness of nuclear weaponry, keeping the Pax Americana in place (we have more military bases in foreign lands than Caesar ever hoped for), and probably influencing the Commander-in-Chief not to get too carried away about keeping his campaign promises about ending the war in Iraq; Obama plans on prolonging the planned troop withdrawal to 2011 (now until 2011 is longer than some wars in our American history books), and even then it is unclear as to how large the residual force would be.

For all those people who liked Cheney or for whom the Cheney/Bush rule didn't bother them much, do not be too distressed about his departure from the White House, the "cousin" and his advisors are well in command, and they have every intention of keeping World Police & Empire, Inc. open for business.

America should keep a wary eye on Mr. Gates and his "defense" policies.

[revised Aug., 2009]

Please, read the following Time magazine story by clicking and pasting, which shows a picture of a frightened Afghan girl after an American air strike. President Obama, you should re-order the tactics of the Air Force and re-place the commander, now.

TIME MAGAZINE covers the civilian death toll in Afghanistan caused in large part by air attacks, manned and unmanned:,9171,1838778,00.html

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