Seattle Schools Curtsies to Gates Foundation

After a big contribution to the Seattle Public Schools at the beginning of the Zeroes Decade, the Bill Gates Foundation has wielded much influence in saying how the Seattle schools should be run, basically demanding that they be in accord with Gates' technocratic-oriented ideas of education. In other words, the public schools should basically be an adjunct of Corporate America, and if the schools don't toe the line in exactly the format that Gates and Company dictate, then the spigot of money from Gates' philanthropy, now, that the government has all but run out of money, will be cut off, as it was for the Seattle Public Schools from 2000 or 2001 until the recent grant of 7.2 million dollars this month.

As the pressure to bend to the will of corporations and moguls persists, the schools no longer inspire kids to be independent thinkers, but robotic drones, ready to go off and march to the orders of corporate field marshals such as Gates, Buffett and Ellison; thereby, becoming the pawns of the corporate behemoth. Hours long daily homework keeps kids from learning about things that they themselves are most interested in, or to explore thier surroundings, but drills them in the handiwork that will most benefit their future corporate masters. Kids hardly get instruction in arts, music, or physical education, anymore, as there will be no time for such "frills" in the Technocratic 21st Century where a new era of indentured servitude looms. The new and strange fanatical emphasis on school testing will make sure that anyone who goes astray from the orthodoxy of the so-called free trade market and the one world legions will be ostracized and unemployed.

Civics, political science and history have been continually downgraded in public schools, better to keep the masses from being too interested in democracy, as the corporatists themselves shall further enhance their practical monopoly on selecting elites to run the government. Religion has continually been mocked so that ethical considerations regarding the new era of dubious utilitarian science can go unchecked. They are saying take your number, stay in your place, and curtsy to the new technocratic machine of our time, but Commoner America must say nay.

[revised 6/5/09]

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