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When the Limbaugh-ites at Sound Politics, the main Seattle-area "conservative" blog, start applauding Patty Murray, you know that the mom-in-tennis shoes "populist" is anything but a populist. They congratulated her this week in siding with defense contractors to build a certain defense project that the blog likes. Whether or not we agree on that particular defense issue is beside the point (we haven't studied it, yet), but this senator is joined at the hip to the defense contractors that, no doubt, donate handsomely to her campaign coffers. We have long said that Murray is a shill for the military industrial complex and nothing that the latter does is wrong as far as she is concerned. Naked imperialism is fine with Patty Murray as long as it provides money and jobs for the economy, and for her campaign coffers. We take a different point of view. Jobs are important, but without compunction about what is the worth of certain jobs, and whether they enhance society and abide by our moral ethics overall is another matter.

Now, readers of "Commoner" know that we take a very dim view of unmanned drones. Objects that fly around the planet exterminating people, without so much as being accurate (many civilians have been killed by these drones), smacks of something not exactly like the troops of Grant and Lee engaging each other in the Civil War. Now, the Pentagon and the military industrial complex want to make these drones more sophisticated, and we guess accurate. Like in all weapons advancement, if you can call it that, throughout the ages, this has not been just a one-way endeavor left to one country, and soon these drones may be everywhere. So the people of planet Earth can look forward to a day when drones will fill the skies exterminating people, accurate or not. Regardless of what Newsweek says, the majority of the people in America are Christian, and the Party of Commons doesn't think that advancing stealth assassination weapons or nuclear bombs is in line with the teachings of the gospels or of moral ethics generally.

[revised 4/9/09]


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