Campaign of the Masses

True to his word, Mark Greene filed for King County Council in council district no. 9, yesterday, as Mark begins his campaign of the masses. Naturally, keeping our surrogate questions relevant, Beverly Tonda filed on the day after Mark's filing. We doubt that Dunn would have any challengers at all if Mark had not been a candidate. Do not expect the corporate mainstream news media to examine the ties, if any, between Tonda and Reagan Dunn. The corporate mainstream news media is backing Reagan Dunn, lock, stock and barrel, and don't be surprised if they give Tonda a runners-up approval so that Dunn can have a free ride from August to November (the same way they did for Jason Osgood in last year's Secretary of State primary, in order to clear the way for Sam Reed). The Seattle corporate mainstream news media, by and large, will of course not even bother to have editorial interview charades; that much you can be assured of.

The Party of Commons is relying on the masses to publicize Mark's campaign by word-of-mouth. Any small contribution that you can make so that Mark can have a stronger campaign would be greatly appreciated. To see some of Mark's ideas about the issues, please, click on the title link above.

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Post-script (June 7, 2009): The plot thickens regarding whether Beverly Tonda is a surrogate for Reagan Dunn's re-election: unless we're mistaken, we just found out that they live in the same town, Maple Valley. Hmm.

Blog updates: We have posted a new essay (6/4/09) on one of our blogs, "Contrarian":