Behemoth Befriends Incumbent

As the corporate behemoth, with the aid of the media in the forefront, and sophisticated and wily agents in the background, tries to run away with the election in the ninth council district of King County, thereby making more difficult the ascension of "Commons" in the political realm, "Commons" is trying its best to reach the masses through leafleting, word-of-mouth communication and "Commoner." The chairman asks for your help through word-of-mouth promotion of his campaign for both council and senate, and for your financial contributions so that "Commons" can work for the masses with plenty of electioneering and campaign materials.

Just recently, the "Bellevue Reporter," ran what looked like a specialty article for Reagan Dunn. A neutral observer would have thought that the article was a Dunn campaign release rather than a journalistic article, and since the "Reporter" didn't even mention Dunn's competitors in the upcoming August 18th primary in the article, or that Dunn was even in a contested election, this particular faction of the corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) reminded us that the incumbent has many friends in the media.

More than ever, with the election just weeks away, "Commons" needs the election volunteering, financial and word-of-mouth communication help of the masses.

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