National Health Care

The Party of Commons has supported a national health care plan in which all citizens would have access to affordable health insurance since our inception on November 23, 2006. We are now going on record as supporting a public option health insurance plan in which the government would compete with private insurers for health coverage. The private insurance program as presently constituted is unaffordable to many Americans and has many flaws, including a avaricious profit motive that has undermined the very health of the insured that should be the primary objective of any health plan. The high cost of these private plans leaves millions of Americans, especially the unemployed, the self-employed, or those employed with small businesses, completely uninsured. The health care business is very complicated, and with our focus on helping Mark Greene win the 9th District council seat on the Metropolitan King County Council, we have not been following the varying plans in Congress as closely as we would like. However, it is clear that the Republican etablishment in Congress is basically satisfied with the status quo, even though the status quo is disgraceful. Our nation must have a national health care plan to preserve the domestic tranquility that the Constitution refers to, and one in which prevention, affordability, and coverage for the masses is high on the agenda.

Post-script (added on 8/12/09):

In the national health care debate that is going on around the country, presently, there are all kinds of fantastic distortions, twistings of the truth, and outright falsehoods, and some of these quite outrageous, by some opponents of a national health care system, and propaganda from FOX and FOX-like media glitterati has given these particular opponents a major assist. Hopefully, the citizenry at large will be able to see through the maze of untruths and learn the plain facts.


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