"Commons" to Field Write-In Candidate for Sheriff

Under our philosophy that there should be no uncontested elections, especially for significant offices, the Party of Commons has decided to field a write-in candidate for King County Sheriff in the 2009 general election. For now, we are making preparations, deciding on a candidate to challenge the incumbent, and not saying much else about it. We will probably need a candidacy petition for whoever we select as our candidate, and if there is no general interest in having a contested election, this effort may fail by October 1. That date is a self-imposed deadline as far as determining whether our candidate will officially file as a write-in candidate with the King County Elections office. If the filing could not take place at least by the first seven days in October, we do not think the effort could be taken seriously. We will need registered voters to express interest in this endeavor and sign a candidacy petition.

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