Inching Towards a Run

Mark Greene is slowly inching towards the role of the reluctant candidate for sheriff in order to keep the wheels of democracy on track in King County. When it looked liked neither the gotham King County Council nor Sheriff Rahr would face competition in elections this year, the Party of Commons came in almost single-handedly to keep democracy from ebbing away entirely in our section of our increasingly authoritarian nation. A decision on an active run for sheriff as a write-in candidate is still not definite until the certification of the primary ballots on September 2nd, but Mark is getting the procedural paperwork, websites, and campaign apparatus ready just in case the decision is affirmative. In a throwback to the archetypical lonely sheriff of yesteryear, Mark and the Party of Commons, without fanfare, have in the electoral sense, taken on the role of defenders of democracy.

[revised on 8/31/09]

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