Seattle's Version of "FOX News"

The right wing suburban newspaper publishing company, Sound Publishing, Inc., operating mostly in the Seattle suburbs, has become Seattle's print and on-line version of "FOX news." In other words, essentially a right wing propagandist and demagogic media outlet. Their papers often go under the title and misnomer, "Reporter." During the primary election for King County Council, the paper was practically an arm of Councilman Reagan Dunn's campaign. Sound Publishing, Inc. has no regard whatsoever for electoral fairness in the community and it's really not a newspaper as far as we are concerned; it's basically a Republican campaign sheet in news print. However, like FOX News itself, a lot of people pay attention to them and they are politically significant, but the news should start to get out that this company and their papers are not mainstream news, but right wing, corporatist propaganda.

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