The Education of a Politician

In 1964, while Barack Obama was probably learning his ABC's in Hawaii, Mark Greene, as a Catholic school grade schooler in Detroit, was busy corresponding with the White House, writing a speech, and receiving accolades from a top Johnson White House assistant. Mark didn't waste a lot of time with Archie & Veronica comic books, he was too busy writing presidents, studying encyclopedias and reading "Newsweek" and "Life." While his peers were watching shows like "My Three Sons," "Dennis the Menace," "Ozzie & Harriet," "The Donna Reed Show," and "The Patty Duke Show," Mark was busy watching "Walter Cronkite" and "Meet the Press."

Mark had little time for foolishness, as he had an innate awareness that he would one day assume a leadership role in politics. From the beginning, the nuns said this boy was studious and serious, though sometimes a bit of a comedian. Mark read many passages in World Book Encyclopedia from volumes A to Z. Unlike rumors about Sarah Palin not knowing that Africa was a continent until the Campaign of 2008, Mark was studying maps of the United States and the world since he was around 7 years old, and quickly impressed the nuns with his knowledge of geography, history and current events, as Mark was placed in advanced courses at his school. Astute politicians in Detroit quickly took notice of this remarkable school kid.

After his graduation from high school, Mark delayed continuing his formal educational studies to join the Marines in 1972. Mark became a Corporal in two years and went back to the civilian world, briefly, in 1974 (he later joined the Coast Guard). After his U.S.C.G. tenure, Mark eventually obtained a degree from an esteemed college.

In 2000, while Barack Obama was losing his congressional primary for the U.S. House in Illinois, Mark Greene was winning his primary for the House in Alaska, and went onto become Alaska's last consecutive nominee for Congress (other than Stevens & Young).

In 2002, while Sarah Palin was losing her state primary bid for Lieutenant Governor in Alaska, Mark Greene was winning his second primary for the U.S. House.

Now, Mark has become the leader of an up and coming alternative third party, the Party of Commons, as commoners everywhere are tiring of the major parties. Mark's diligence and studiousness since 1960 when he first became really interested in politics by watching Senator John Kennedy and Vice-President Richard Nixon debate on T.V. for the presidency is starting to pay off.

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