Yulia and Them

Ex-Prime Minister Tymoshenko
Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, had a chance to escape from her persecutors when they let her travel out of the country for a meeting with European political officials in Western Europe earlier this year. They were probably hoping that she would not return, which would have relieved them of the major political opposition to their rule. Tymoshenko returned to face the music, however, despite the fact that she, herself, has called the proceedings against her a "kangaroo court." This is the same courageous leader that led the Orange Revolution against a rigged presidential election, although ironically, years later, the major beneficiary of the Orange Revolution, Viktor Yushchenko, was so immersed with his own invective, and apparently discouraged by his own unpopularity, that he turned against Tymoshenko and indirectly assisted the opponents of what came to be intra-rival divisions within the Orange coalition; all this, amazingly, despite the fact that Yushchenko thought that international supporters of the opponents of "Orange" were responsible for poisoning him prior to his election. Can you imagine feckless American politicians, a la Al Gore & John Kerry, trying to overturn a rigged election through street protests? Interestingly, the then victorious "Orange," for their several years in power, divided or not, did not try to turn the tables on their political opponents through prosecutorial vigor; just as Barack Obama & Attorney General Eric Holder have not in regards to the obviously lawless Bush II crew, perhaps, hoping that the favor would be returned if Obama should happen to lose the election next year (Republicans are, indeed, accusing Obama of violations of the law). A Republican rulership putting President Obama in the same predicament as Yulia Tymoshenko is currently in come 2013? Naahhh -- not in America.

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