The Four Great Crises of the Early Twenty-First Century

Never in history has the world faced such daunting challenges as we face today, and they would be minimized or underestimated at our peril, which is why we cannot long continue to thread the status quo of being entrenched in the same policies that have caused the problems in the first place or do-nothingism, whether that of the Obamanesque approach (talk big and do the opposite) or the throwing-up-our-hands-in-despair approach.

  • Global warming:  while Barack Obama, Jr. was making trickster speeches about making oceans recede, his representatives were, in fact, doing everything possible to sabotage the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of 2009, and they did that very well, to the dismay of environmentalists who had hoped to build up on where "Kyoto" left off.  Today, Obama is waiting for the right moment to approve the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, another disaster in the making, and a further entrenchment of greenhouse gases as usual, which will dramatically increase global warming if they are not internationally down-regulated by a significant degree.
  • The nuclear genie: the genie was let out in 1945, and ever since then it has been a Damocles sword over the planet, whether in the armament sense, where on several occasions the world has come close to being sent back into the Medieval Age, if not the Stone Age, because of pride and brinksmanship, or in the so-called peaceful nuclear energy sense, where Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima have been clear warnings that the genie needs to be put back into the bottle -- and soon.  Like a charlatan faith-healer promising a cure, Obama actually said he wants a world without nuclear weapons, but does nothing to change the status quo of 9 nations with nuclear armaments; not even trying to get the 4 non-NPT nuclear powers to sign the non-proliferation treaty, which ostensibly calls for total disarmament. The rulership of Obama is currently refurbishing and building up the current nuclear armament force. Moreover, they have been the biggest advocate for building new nuclear power plants since the Three Mile Island fiasco, despite, among other problems, no place to put radioactive waste that comes from the plants already built, let alone new ones (radioactive waste that virtually never dissipates and is extremely hazardous).
  • Genetically modified organisms or GMO food:  while talking about good health and healthcare on the one hand, the Obama regime helps the GMO industry with its radical new and untested molecular manipulation of seeds on the other hand; experiments which are not even close to being the same thing as the centuries-long plant cross-pollination that farmers are used to.  The product of these Frankensteinian-type manipulations of seeds and plants have been shown to have adverse health effects on animals, and which are likely to show the same regarding humans, but amazingly the U.S. government has allowed them into the market for the last generation without so much as a labeling requirement, and Obama knowingly appointed an Agriculture Secretary (Tom Vilsack) who had basically been in the pocket of the industry that fosters this pseudo-agriculture, and now all but works for them.  If the giant of GMOs, Monsanto, and Vilsack succeed in knocking down the natural plant order, and they have come a long ways in achieving that dubious result, agriculture, and thus human habitation, will be in dire straits.
  • Ethical downfall:   instead of honestly working on solving the aforementioned 3 crises, Obama now wants to map the human brain.  How about mapping the Pacific Ocean instead and cleaning up the Texas-sized waste dump in the middle of it?  With the Fukushima nuclear spill, the gigantic waste dump, and other problems, the oceans are a harbinger of devastating environmental problems to come if leaders do not actively pursue basic achievements in coming to grips with them instead of trying to play God with matters that we have no business getting involved with.  There is too much emphasis on trying to solve the universe instead of living in harmony with it, the latter being essential basic ethics.  Ancient Rome fell because of a general ethical downfall, and hopefully America will yet learn from their lesson.
[revised on 4/10/2013]
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