Sour Grapes: Electoral College Critics

A Famous Fable of Aesop Comes to Mind

Just listened to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell criticize the Electoral College, but of course if his candidate had won the essential electoral vote, but lost the popular vote, I doubt if he would have even mentioned the Electoral College.  At some later time, Commoner, which supports the electoral college system (but, perhaps, would support some tweaks to it), will rebut O'Donnell's criticism point-by-point (don't have time at the moment), but for now, O'Donnell should note the wording of the name of our country, it's the United States, in other words a nation of states combined to make a country, and in which each state uniquely has some powers that are meant to be a counterweight or a reasonable balance to states that have superior numbers: this was the great compromise that enabled the United States to be formed in the first place.  This will never be changed in the Constitution, because the smaller states won't go for it, and 2/3 of the states are necessary to change the Constitution.  Sorry, Mr. O'Donnell, but your and others' "sour grapes" aren't very persuasive.

[Revised on Nov. 11, 2016.]