Help Mark Get to Skamania County

Mark Greene's best county for percentage of votes for Secretary of State in Washington was Skamania. Now, Mark, a candidate for United States Senator for the 2010 election, wants to build on his popularity in Skamania by making an early campaign trip there, which would be his first for the Senate campaign outside of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. That's where you come in. Please, contribute to Mark's campaign so he can make this trip next spring. No amount is too small. Mark's campaign website is at , where the contribution link can be found.

The Corporate Mainstream News Media has either ridiculed or scoffed at Mark's campaigns for office, but with your help they won't be laughing at the Party of Commons anymore. Remember, tell your friends about Mark as part of our word-of-mouth strategy to get around the bias of the CMNM. We can't do it without your help. Progress, Tradition, Ecology.

[This essay was revised on 11/2/08.]

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