Scientific Intelligent Design

In a long 83 year campaign in the United States, since the Scopes Trial of 1925, some educators who believe in Darwin's theory of evolution have enlisted gullible colleagues and teachers to bring this theory into the public schools as fact, with generally no tolerance for debate or an alternative viewpoint. This is wrong, because evolution, as propounded by Darwin, is only a theory and our classrooms have become indoctrination centers for Darwinism. This is why the Party of Commons will be recruiting candidates to run for local school boards all across the United States, especially in the state of Washington, so that the theory of scientific intelligent design, along with the theory of evolution, will both have a forum in the classrooms and civilized debate can take place. There are those who intentionally mislead people about intelligent design, but whether the world was created in six days or six periods of time, or some other time frame altogether, is even a matter of debate among those who believe in intelligent design.

For those who would like to run for the school board on a Party of Commons slate, please, see our website at (click on title link above) or write (write "school board candidate" in the subject heading).

[This essay was revised on 12/14/08.]

12/12/08 Post-Script: To clear up any misconceptions that some may have about this essay, we offer the following:

Responding to at least one false implication, the Party of Commons does, in fact, appreciate the separation of church and state clause in the United States Constitution. Moreover, there are scientists who believe that there is a scientific basis for intelligent design, so evaluating this theory as well as Darwin's theory of evolution in classrooms would, in fact, be in the realm of science, and therefore not an exercise in religious indoctrination. However, there are those who do not want any differing viewpoints to challenge the established dogma. One thing to keep in mind when discussing this subject is that evolution and intelligent design are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There is no doubt a basis for some evolutionary processes on the planet, but this does not mean that the "Origin of Species," authored by Charles Darwin, is gospel.

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