Seattle PI Censors the Party of Commons

The Corporate Mainstream News Media, in the name of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper in this instance, has always downplayed the campaigns of Mark Greene and the Party of Commons in their election reporting, and they are now censoring the comments of the Party of Commons.

This is essentially what we wrote (we didn't make a copy of the original statement, so it is not word for word):

Why is the Seattle PI so interested in the politics of Alaska and New York when it just so happens that there is a senatorial contest gearing up in Washington for the 2010 election? A contest between the sitting senator, Patty "Wall Street Bail-out" Murray, and one challenger so far, "Senator" Mark Greene of the Party of Commons (yes, it's true, you don't have to be in the U.S. Senate to be considered a senator - just look up the dictionary definition). The Party of Commons will be going through Murray's record in the Senate with a fine tooth comb to show the differences between her and Mark. A case in point: Murray's (and Cantwell's) support of the nuclear energy deal for India. India, along with Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, is one of the countries that built {continued or continues to build} nuclear weapons in defiance and outside of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (the five other nuclear armament countries, including the U.S., have signed the NPT; North Korea withdrew).* Leaving aside the issue of nuclear energy in general, at the very least, our nation should not be making nuclear energy deals with nations who are not a party to the NPT.

So this statement was censored by the PI. We wonder why? At least we can tell who the PI will be endorsing in the next senate election; just to save you the suspense, the senator from Washington who voted for the Wall Street bail-out.

*note: South Africa also once built nuclear weapons outside of the NPT, but they are the only country known to completely disarm a nuclear arsenal after gaining such.

[This essay was revised on the same day that it was posted.]

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