Style Versus Substance

President Barack Obama, who became president on the 20th of January, 2009, deserves credit for quickly overturning Bush's GITMO detention camps and immoral torture policies. However, the Obama administration's breaking down anti-abortion policies regarding whether international organizations deserve support shows disregard for unborn children. Breaking down the already less-than-stringent rules regarding embryonic stem cells shows similar disregard for the unborn.

As for the "messiah" mockery that some of Obama's critics like to use, it apparently is a commentary on Obama's most fervent supporters who sometimes seem more influenced by style, persona and showiness than they do substance and policy, but Obama, himself, doesn't seem to be any more egotistical than anyone else that has been president in the last couple of generations, or the average politician. This mockery is not fair, and it is uncalled for.

[revised on 1/31/09]

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