Uncle Sam's Bank

Like the robber barons of old, the robber barons of the 21st century have taken us for a ride, all the while as they line their pockets with multi-million dollar bonuses and have driven our nation to the brink of economic collapse. Meanwhile, the "Republi-crats" in Congress with their so-called free trade agenda have allowed companies to send millions of jobs overseas, including a great portion of the manufacturing base, where they can wreck environments, pay subsistence or sub-subsistence wages for labor, and their executives can live like kings and queens off the backs of practical slave labor and the ruin of the American economy.

Instead of giving these barons, particularly the ones heading the failed banks, more billions of dollars, or trillions as some economists speculate, Uncle Sam should cease giving money to "Wall Street" and nationalize the banks, take them over, and put in new, competent management. These banks should then be combined into one and called Uncle Sam's Bank. At least, if billions or trillions more tax dollars will be going into the banking sector, the buck will stop at the people's bank.

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