Cheney Vrs. Christ's Teachings

It's a little unbelievable - this spectacle of the former vice president of the United States appearing on television programs and appealing to the darkest, basest and most evil instincts of mankind, which is torture. This, by the way, the vice president that was elected twice in good measure by riding a wave of Christian sentiment in the heartland. Well, maybe we're crazy, but it seems to us that torture is the antithesis of everything that Jesus taught, and Jesus, as far as can be inferred from the Bible, did not make exceptions to the Golden Rule or His other teachings.

So this is not as much about Cheney going against Obama - who, by the way, is not exactly a great defender of morality either with his revamped extraordinary rendition program and musings about preventive detention - as it is about Cheney going against the two thousand year old tradition of Christian ethics, as Christianity is the majority faith in America. So why is the politically activist evangelical right sitting on the sidelines and not making the same point that we are?

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