Council & TV: Will They Let the Commoners On?

The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission has suddenly passed out information that it will be up to the King County Council as to whether county candidates will be a part of the public cable television presentation, where candidates can make a statement. It's a little odd that they will decide this issue on the same week that tapings are suppose to start, as if suddenly the council had second thoughts about whether this exercise in democracy in which all candidates would have an opportunity to speak should go forward. Do not put it pass this particular council to thwart this t.v. format at the expense of relatively poor candidates, because the council knows that they can get on television regardless, through their well-padded, corporate-enhanced campaign coffers. This will be the first test of democracy in the campaign season this year. Will the King County Council pass the test? Time will tell.

[revised on 6/14/09]

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