Confirmation of Hutchison-Dunn Slate

We probably overlooked this for a time while doing our political research, but we only now realized that Susan Hutchison has endorsed Mark Greene's main competitor for the King County Council, 9th District seat: Reagan Dunn. So it just confirms our previous speculation about the "Hutchison slate." Whoever becomes Hutchison's opponent in the county executive race through the August 18th primary (she's likely to win a plurality of that vote), will probably have to get around 40% of the vote in the 9th district in order to have a chance of winning the entire county. Mark must receive the votes of almost all of that 40% and draw 15% of the Hutchison voters into his column as well, while at the same time ["Commons"] possibly endorsing whoever Hutchison's competitor is. It would be better for Mark for the likely "Democratic" contestant to get 45% - 50% in the 9th, enabling Mark to have a better chance of receiving a parallel 40%. As for whichever candidate is likely to be the runner-up, dwelling on and trying to show contrast with Hutchison on social issues, some of which we seem to agree with and may have nothing to do with county government anyway, is counterproductive. Mark is going to have to vote for somebody in the primary, but he hasn't decided yet and he probably won't announce his vote at all.

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