CMNM: Stalling for Time

While the write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign is steadily making progress, becoming popular, and possibly about to alter the elections edifice of Washington, the corporate mainstream news media (CMNM) is seemingly doing everything it can to delay news (or not report at all), stalling for time until the November 3rd election, which may keep the masses from becoming informed about the sheriff's race in King County. Unfortunately, this is business as usual for media in America.

Yesterday, Mark received a favorable ruling from the Court as this case in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, is obviously big news, but the CMNM may not want you to know about it since this historic courtroom challenge could make the sheriff's race wide open. Also, don't be surprised if there is not a single word about Saturday's "Green Parade," which could have hundreds participating, in the CMNM.

All of these facts are more than enough reason for supporters of the write-in Mark Greene for sheriff campaign to spread the word, so that Mark will win and our elections will be in the true tradition of democracy.

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