On Mark's Watch, 4th Amendment & Privacy Rights to be Respected

In our "Big Brother" surveillance society, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which bans unreasonable searches and seizures, has been regularly disregarded by authorities, and individual privacy in places where it should be expected has gone by the wayside. Although the use of surveillance cameras in public areas may not necessarily be illegal or unconstitutional, and are indeed necessary in some areas, their use through the broadest spectrum is not healthy in a society that cherishes democracy. Public surveillance technology has its place in certain quarters, but the use of this technology for the purpose of criminalizing some minor misconduct should be dissuaded or very limited. If Mark Greene is elected sheriff, some surveillance cameras or surveillance technology, generally, that may be deemed problematic, intrusive or overbearing will not be used to investigate minor crimes by the sheriff's department. On Mark's watch, the sheriff's department will concentrate on the most serious matters. For once, the citizenry will have a public official who stands with them in protecting privacy rights and defending the letter and the spirit of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

[revised on 9/10/09]

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