Summer of '10 Campaign

The Party of Commons is presently organizing our "Summer of '10" campaign for the elections for the Washington Legislature next year, 2010. We are recruiting candidates to run for the Legislature, trying to get a candidate for at least one legislative office of three total in each of the 49 districts of the Legislature. It's a tall task and will be quite difficult to accomplish, but if we succeed, "Commons" will suddenly be known as the number one alternative political party in the state of Washington, and thereby establishing a foothold on our way to becoming the number one alternative party in America.

In the coming months, "Commons" will be going all out to publicize this effort. Interested candidates should be citizens of the U.S. and Washington state, at least 18 years old ("Commons" is especially emphasizing younger candidates to bring about a more representative demographic in the Legislature), willing to commit yourself to paying around $400 for the filing fee or getting around 400 registered voter signatures in lieu of the filing fee if you're economically eligible to choose that option, and able to attend regular candidate sessions organized by "Commons."

Prospective candidates should more or less agree with Commons's platform and philosophy (there doesn't have to be 100% agreement).

Party of Commons address: P.O. Box 612, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Party of Commons e-mail:

Platform/Manifesto: (can also be seen by clicking on title link, above)

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