Come Home, America!

Probably, the most interesting news this autumn (even though you couldn't tell by the reaction of the corporate mainstream news media), though hardly a new revelation, was the recent Senate investigation about the Tora Bora campaign in the mountains of Afghanistan, where the arch-terrorist OBL and his cohorts were cornered by the U.S. military in late 2001, but they managed to get away anyway.

Now, with the Senate investigation apparently passed, all the suspicions and doubts about that campaign are a little less murky, and it's fairly obvious that the Bush regime didn't really want to catch OBL despite all their bravado-type talk, because capturing OBL would have constrained their plans to invade Iraq. Bush and his defense secretary at the time (Rumsfeld) did not call in military reinforcements at Tora Bora, though it seemed quite logical to do just that.

Now, that that information seems increasingly more clear, it makes you wonder about the government's credibility regarding their several justifications for the entire Afghanistan campaign. If the political leaders were only making a half-hearted effort to capture OBL (and we make a big distinction between the political leaders and the rank-and-file troops), what indeed are their real reasons for continuing this war?

Also, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, recently suggested that he needed American/N.A.T.O. troops around until the middle of the next to next decade (around 2025). With that, it doesn't appear that Karzai will be going out of his way to strengthen his own military as long as he can count on "Uncle Sam." President Obama should tell Karzai that he doesn't have anywhere near 2025 to get his nation's defense in order, because we are going to begin a gradual drawdown as soon as possible {Obama is doing exactly the opposite as his West Point speech indicated), though still doing everything possible to capture OBL and his henchmen.

It's time for America to come home, from Iraq, from Afghanistan, and from many other outposts around the world in which it is not necessary to be for the defense of our nation.

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