"Commons's" Youth Governance Movement

Update (May 14, 2012): The country of Austria is at least one country in the world that allows the vote for citizens as young as 16 years of age. Hopefully, the State of Washington will follow and lead the way for America to get high school students more interested in civics and politics.

Across the State of Washington, the word is starting to get out that the Party of Commons is the political party most sympathetic to the participation of the young in the governance of the state and the nation. As far as we know, "Commons" is the only party that is advocating for the lowering of the legal voting age to 16. This will ensure more interest by teenagers in politics, government and democracy. If this interest in politics is started or rejuvenated in high school, this will surely bring about a growing interest in politics among adults in future years. Our "Summer of '10" Campaign is currently recruiting candidates among the 18 - 29 age group, among other older age groups, to run for the state legislature. We are encouraging would-be candidates to attend "Commons's" candidate training classes (learning about civics and politics), a kind of Politics 101 for the politically inexperienced. Send us an e-mail if you would be interested in attending courses, which are by invitation only.

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