Vote Out Fascism

With the economic recession causing widespread unemployment across our nation, many Americans are turning to government programs for economic assistance, which they rightfully should do, not the least because these same citizens have contributed to the growth and welfare of America throughout their lifetimes. There is no shame in turning to the government for help despite that many fortunate folks would like others to feel exactly that, and you can be sure that many of these same critics may in turn be applying for assistance some day themselves. Not many of them will be turning down social security income when they come of age.

The poor and the down-and-out have unfortunately always been despised and discriminated against, and now a new wave of fascism is brewing that intends to make this bad situation even worse. Laws are coming out across America that mandate that those collecting unemployment compensation, food stamps, or other types of financial aid from the government be subjected to random drug testing for no reason other than that they are applying for assistance. This is a particularly contemptible form of fascism because they discriminate against a group of people who are either middle class, poor or down on their luck. Interestingly, lawmakers have not attached a drug testing requirement for all the bankers and investment "wizards" that they are bailing out, which proportionately makes the money paid out for general economic assistance look miniscule.

Of course, nobody rich or poor should have to take a drug test for any reason without probable cause that they have done something illegal, with the possible exception of somebody performing a high risk job in which the public safety could be a factor. A baseball player, a clerk for an insurance company or an investment consultant, for instance, do not meet that standard and they should not be subject to drug tests without probable cause. The Party of Commons recommends that the citizenry vote out all politicians that travel on the road of fascism, no matter what they say their good intentions are.

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