The Brewing Arms Race

With the stupid Clinton and Bush II policies of N.A.T.O. expansionism and their general adolescent tweaking of Russia, and the globalization pacts that have led to increasingly stronger militaries around the world, an international arms race is brewing even in the midst of the global depression. This is very bad news for people who wish for a sane planet. Why on earth has our nation been upsetting Russia by encircling them with NATO forces and bases? This is a stupid policy, and as a result, Russia is strengthening their nuclear armament capabilities, both tactical and strategic, which will lead to a new arms race where once we were making progress with START, otherwise known as the strategic arms reduction treaties. What is the point of expanding NATO? There doesn't seem to be a good reason other than to agitate Russia and thereby stoke an arms race, which would further enrich the already rich military industrial complex, and also put the doomsday clock at a little closer to 12. The Party of Commons stands with Ron Paul's sentiments to the extent that we should get out of NATO. The "Cold War" is over. Let the European Union keep this organization afloat by themselves for their own common defense if they think that is in their best interests, and then if they choose, they can conduct negotiations with their neighbors, including Russia, as to alliances, deployments, bases and so forth. This should be an entirely European affair. China is also strengthening their nuclear capabilities and their overall military forces, obviously noting a more aggressive geopolitical atmosphere. The world doesn't need another Cuban Missile Crisis because imperialists, here, want to tweak Russia and dominate the world, thus risking the end of civilization as we know it.

Post-script: Earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, addressing a disarmament council in Geneva has called for new negotiations to enhance START, for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East zone, and prevention of the weaponization of outer space. All of these goals, very essential and critical to international peace, should also be declared by the Obama administration. However good a start a Middle Eastern nuclear weapons-free zone through a treaty or treaties would be, nuclear weapons-free zones anywhere should eventually be extended to a nuclear weapons-free planet through erudite diplomacy and improved international inspection administrations.

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