First Person essay by the Party of Commons's chairman, Mark Greene

[revised on 4/29/09]

We have changed our mind about the name of our new blog; we have decided to call it, well, "Sugarfoot."

When I was a very young kid in the early 1960's, running around outside playing in the daytime, and doing some homework and watching cowboy tv shows in the evening, my favorite show was "Sugarfoot." Believe it or not, I can still remember the primary actor's name without looking it up, Will Hutchins. Sugarfoot, which was the moniker for Hutchins's character, was affable, easy-going, and minded his own business until he was forced to be a sometimes gunslinger by the bad guys of the American West. Sugarfoot was nice but tough.

The Party of Commons's new blog, "Sugarfoot," will be the main place for our manifestos, platforms and communication of ideas: idealism in a pragmatic world. Too often in politics, parties compromise their values in order to get ahead, and trample over universal, moral and constitutional values in order to dominate, but an ethical party abides by their values, realizing that accepting our due and nothing more is all that we're entitled to. That was "Sugarfoot," who sometimes had to be a reluctant fighter when he was forced to defend his rights, and that's our kind of hero.

Please, see the Party of Commons's "Sugarfoot" blog by clicking on the title link, above.

[revised on 6/6/09]

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