Blog News I

From time to time on "Commoner," we will publish Blog News, which will give some insight about our other blogs, especially the two newly established ones.

On "Senator," which started on April 25th, the first few essays have been entitled as follows: "'Senator' Prologue;" "Initiatives Papers Submitted to Secretary of State;" "New Orleans and Detroit;" and "Who Wants to Disarm the Nation? Almost Nobody."

"Senator" can be read by clicking on the title link above.

On "Evergreen," which started on April 24th, the first couple of essays have been entitled as follows: "'Evergreen' Prologue;" and "'Green' Political Prisoners in America."


Today, upon learning that Yahoo, Inc. will be closing our free websites, we have started our third new blog in four days called "Coliseum" on this 27th day of April. Read more about "Coliseum" and "Senator," and what will probably be the distinctions between them, in the prologue of "Coliseum."




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