Fascist Winds Still Blowing

With the fascistic atmosphere from the Bush II years still careening in public and private affairs, and the Democrats controlling Congress in no hurry, if inclined at all, to roll back some of the most corrosive elements of that era, the Ron Reagan radio show had an interesting segment about a student, yesterday; an American we believe, who is caught up in the so-called Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act statute, citizens and others can be arrested with no due process rights whatsoever, nor even have the evidence of wrongdoing, if any, presented against them while they are locked away in, possibly, a secret prison, and undergoing, possibly, "enhanced interrogations." Unfortunately, listening in somewhere around the middle of the segment, we didn't get the full story as reported on the program. However, a student is locked up, his mother, who was on the radio program, is very concerned and proclaims her son's innocence, and the Constitution has been thrown out the window in this, the Obama Era. We believe she said that the boy was not allowed legal representation. It all sounds like Khrushchev-era Soviet Union, but it is America, 2009.

Another interesting item about this case, in which we are not making any presumptions about guilt or innocence, the mother believes the boy's computer operations were tampered with to make it look like he sent out messages that he was in no way responsible for. This is not particularly surprising, because domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, and their proxies, are no doubt very sophisticated in targeting computers of those whom they suspect of criminal activities or involvement with, and also law-abiding dissidents and political opponents as well, and it would not surprise us in the least that they could manipulate computer operations to frame anybody they wanted.

Americans who care about honor and justice need to stand guard, tell our lawmakers to withdraw the Patriot Act, and continue to protest (or start) until the unconstitutional elements of the Patriot Act are rolled back. The Constitution has been under attack for a generation, and the "change" administration hasn't changed that.

[revised on 5/8/09]

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