Resisters to the Status Quo

With the encrusted problems in our nation and a decrepit and morally challenged Congress overseeing the government, the easiest thing for us to do is to throw up are hands and just go along for the ride, but thankfully many Americans are saying they're not just going to stand by and accept the status quo. It seems the government needs to be encouraged through more peaceful, democratic activity to do the right thing, such as withdrawing from Iraq on a swift timetable. Fortunately, those pushing for withdrawal did not cease, at the change of administrations, their peaceful protests to encourage the leaders to move towards that direction. To be sure, these protests are not large, but it only takes a few to inspire the masses.

On other issues, lone individuals, and small and large groups have taken courageous stands in peacefully and democratically challenging the status quo: such as individuals in the government who serve as whistle blowers against something they know is immoral; and those in the military who defied unlawful orders; and those who stood up and challenged political correctness when they knew they would be ridiculed and lambasted; and those who organized and protested, and continue to do so, because of their belief in what is right for the nation. We may not always agree with these resisters to the status quo, but we respect those who generally are respectful of democracy and the basic equality of people. We realize, at this present time, that resisters to the status quo are the only thing between enlightenment and a totalitarian society.

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