Corporate Mainstream News Media is Increasingly a Farce

It's a little unbelievable how the corporate mainstream news media managed to get through the entire general election in King County, Washington without saying a single word about the sheriff's election or the court case involving it. Their failure to report is nothing but pure partisan politics in order to keep their representation of the corporate interests that signs their paychecks at the highest possible level. They have become a farce instead of the protector of the constitutional right of free speech that they are supposed to be. The CMNM is an obstacle to democracy. You can be assured, however, that they will continue to have the gall to criticize election practices and so-called government media crackdowns in Iran or Venezuela, and other places that don't curtsy to "Uncle Sam," while ignoring the log in their own eye, to paraphrase a quote from the Redeemer in the Sermon on the Mount (Book of Matthew, 7:3-5).

At least they have to have crackdowns abroad, the government doesn't need to have crackdowns, here, because the media already does what they are told to do by the corporate behemoth that controls them and the government. Their little, sycophantic blogosphere lieutenants are even worse, because most of them don't even get paid for being craven and docile. It will take a hardy bunch of idealists to keep the dream of democracy afloat in America, because the boots of the authoritarians are being shined regularly by the corporate mainstream news media and their other servile beneficiaries. As long as the corporate behemoth keeps the CMNM halfway comfortable with slightly above average paychecks, they will continue to try to keep the representatives of the commoners on the fringes of politics. Commoners in Alaska almost overcame the CMNM twice in 2000 and 2002; the same CMNM (Alaskan sector) that mocked Mark and other poor candidates while paving the way for Don Young and his cronies. Even though we don't much care for the politics of Sarah Palin, there is something about the spirit of Alaska that doesn't mind going against the grain. If commoners come together, we can even take office in Washington state, but we have to run for office in order to do that. Join the Party of Commons, America's newest loyal opposition party!

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