Rahr Wins, Though Write-in Vote Highest in Sheriff's Race

With a major assist from the corporate mainstream news media and nameless tech saboteurs not yet caught by the F.B.I., Sue Rahr has won the election for sheriff. The only point of interest is that the vote tally for write-in votes for sheriff is the only one over 2% among all county jurisdictional races, thereby the highest write-in vote total for those races in King County. Mark could have made this a race, but neither he nor "Commons" in general expected the CMNM to absolutely ignore the race.

"Commons" will be concentrating on the 2010 state legislature races in Washington state and we're busily recruiting candidates for those positions. Mark is a candidate for Secretary of State, only.

The result of this election will not affect the Greene v. Huff case as far as mootness is concerned, because of the "capable of repetition, yet evading review" standard set in case law.

[revised on 11/4/09]

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