"Commons" Is Against a Cashless Society

With the debate over the new transit fee-paying system in the Seattle area going on, many commoners are rightfully protesting the so-called ORCA card (issued by the transit authority) that invades the privacy of passengers and also happens to be a sleazy way of getting more money from riders rather than just honestly saying that the new system will be a monumental increase in fares. The card, if it is registered by name, and it pretty much is if it is an employer issued card, would let bureaucrats and employers know where you are going on transit and how you use the card, generally. You can still use cash on the new system, but there is a penalty if you do so.

This is all part of a plan by many politicians in America to bring about a cashless society, where every single transaction that the public makes is by name and put on some card where bureaucrats and police can track practically every thing we do, including everything we buy. It would be a giant leap to the late author George Orwell's sardonic vision of a future totalitarianism, that he most notably wrote about in his novel, "1984." In this nefarious plan, every citizen would be given a number in which nothing he or she does would get by the authoritarian powers-that-be. Already they are monitoring the computers, which the corrupt Congress makes it legally easy to do, of those who protest too much. They know everything dissidents, political opponents and protesters write on computers and electronic gadgets, and everything concerning their phone calls and e-mails.

Now, they are not satisfied with gathering information just on political outsiders and criminals, they want everybody's information, and converting to a cashless society, wherein everyone's financial transactions can be scoured by the government, would make it very convenient for the authoritarians now in power to rule by fiat.

Our civil liberties and rights are quickly going down the watershed. The Constitution is becoming quaint, as the former Bush II regime once let us know about treaties and laws, generally, and the Biblical "Book of Revelation" may be right around the corner, but we don't know that as only the Lord knows the exact timing of those prophetic events. We do know that we as a party stand against a cashless society and the dissipation of our Constitution.

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