Initiative to the People: Election Candidacy Petition

The chairman of the Party of Commons has once again filed an initiative in Washington state for reform of the election candidacy petition system, which at this time makes poor candidates get more signatures when elected officeholders get pay raises. This system is fundamentally unfair and antidemocratic, and causes some candidates the loss of a fair chance to run for elected office. As a result, many incumbents run unopposed and the voters are left with no choice. Free and fair elections in Washington, and other states with the same type of system, have gone by the wayside. Conversely (as opposed to this new Initiative to the People), the U.S. Supreme Court recently allowed corporatists who care nothing for poor candidates or poor people to have much more influence over elections. This year, the initiative is to the People of Washington. Please, help us circulate petitions by writing the Party of Commons at the e-mail address below.

[revised on 3/4/10]

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