Government Stops Unemployment Benefits

The mostly multi-millionaire run, if not entirely, corrupt United States Senate stopped some unemployment benefits, affecting hundreds of thousands of citizens in the midst of the worst economic depression since the Great Depression. If the Republicans take control of Congress, again, they would stop unemployment compensation altogether and throw millions of Americans out onto the street.

The Republicans' former leader, the repulsive Newt Gingrich, who appears to be running for president, once implied years ago that he would like to get rid of the unemployment compensation system altogether. The Republicans would like to dismantle the entire "New Deal" and "Great Society" infrastructure altogether, including social security and medicare. Presently, the weakling Democratic Party has the greatest numerical control of Congress in decades, yet they cannot bring themselves to stop Republican obstructionism of bills, and appointments by the president through strong and forthright leadership, including this unemployment compensation impasse.
Shameful -- vote them all out.

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