No Roll Back, No Change

Why isn't Barack Obama trying to roll back George W. Bush's eight-year authoritarian attack on citizens' civil liberties and the Constitution that Bush pushed through with executive orders, laws and policies? Frankly because Obama and his Democratic Party cohorts voted for some of the same laws, such as the wiretapping law, that Bush advocated for, and they certainly did not protest Bush's dubious executive orders much. Obama was not our first choice for president despite his professed concern about civil liberties, as if his voting record was not a clear indication of the disconnect between his words and his actions. Now, as president, Obama has proved that our initial reluctance about his candidacy was prophetic. Still, he's better than any of the odious candidates from the Republican Party, with the exception of Ron Paul (from a foreign policy and civil liberties standpoint). Albeit, the "Commons" Party does believe in pragmatism when it's necessary (and idealism), but in all honesty, Obama's presidency is Bush Lite, and everybody knows it.

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