Blog News XXXIV

Filing for political offices in Washington state starts in a week.  The Party of Commons will be one of a handful of third parties to be represented, and hopefully the 99.99% lock on political offices by the major parties in Washington and the nation will be chipped away at until the day that at least one of those crusty, corrupt forsaken parties will be a third party themselves.  It may take 50 years before voters tire of one of them, but at least we are bringing an alternative option in the meantime.  These major parties are bought and paid off by their corporate sponsors, and the president that hails from a major party cannot even rebuke brutal attacks on humanitarian mercy ships in the Mediterranean Sea with American citizens on board.  Meanwhile, in Washington, the biggest county elections office (King) represents a major challenge to those trying to uphold their rights of participating in our nominal democracy, as this most sleazy of offices has undermined fundamental rights of candidates not from the major parties or backed by corporate dollars.  We would not be the least surprised if Mark is back in court trying to get on the ballot.

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